Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Back in the saddle again...

Today is a new day and I'm re-starting my health and wellness blog.  I haven't been walking and exercising like I should and I really want to start a walking club (or something like that) for our community, probably in our church.  It's awful hot outside, and inside the church it's usually pretty cool, though it wasn't this past Sunday because the AC was out!  I got permission from the pastor to start a group walking with videos (Leslie Sansone, Jessica Smith and the Prevention video) but with my hectic work schedule, it's been hard to settle on a regular night of the week for it.  I'd like to do Tuesdays and Fridays.  I know, no one wants to do anything like that on Friday, so maybe that'll just be me.  I'd like to start this coming Tuesday, a week from tonight.  And... I'm going to publish a link to this blog on my church's webpage, which I'm still working on.  I'm excited to be starting this adventure and I hope all my readers will enjoy it too!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ooh, ooh, fire!

My feet are on fire again. Grrrr.

I had a massage today. Now, I am a great fan of massage and it was wonderful. I can't find any evidence that massage is bad for neuropathy. The pain started before I went for my massage. I blame it on my shoes. I bought some Dansko shoes with my Christmas money, but unlike my other three pairs, this pair seems to aggravate the problem.

After my massage I ate at Silke's, which was probably not better for me because I had potato soup. Then I went to the Y & did 30 minutes on the bike because there was no way I was doing the elliptical. Heck, it was hard enough to keep myself on the bike, but I did it. After that, I actually cooked dinner, washed dishes & did some laundry. I've been doing some research on neuropathy and other things. I still have more research to do, but...let me recommend the massage spa for those of you in the Clarksville area. Bella Medical Spa offers more than massage - they do laser treatments, permanent eye makeup, and other services. It was a Christmas present for me, but the massage prices are listed on the site and are reasonable.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Reminder...most cold medicine will raise your blood pressure, so if you have hypertension, please be careful! I saw a commercial for Coricidin HBP yesterday, but as I am slogging through a cold right now, I definitely have it on my mind. It is not so bad that I feel I NEED to take something, but I am sucking on Hall's Cough Drops like they are going out of style. My blood sugars have been high too (wonder why). I thought I'd picked up the sugar free kind. Actually, glucose syrup isn't the first ingredient listed. It's fourth. WASH YOUR HANDS! It's the number one way to prevent the spread of disease, according to the CDC. Stay healthy, my friends.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And he always had some mighty fine wine.

What song is this lyric from??? I know! Do you???

Anyway...so it has been a few days since I last posted. I have had a wonderful, relaxing, pleasant, and even productive Christmas break. I hope your holiday season has been equally wonderful.

I have rediscovered the pleasures of yoga. Yes, I know some Christian denominations denounce yoga. I do it at the YMCA and today my instructor prayed with us. To God! I do it for the relaxation, restorative value, the breathing control exercises, the stretching and balance exercises, and the strength building element of it. I like to do cardio first, but I was kind of pushed for time. I had not felt 100% earlier in the day - I was afraid I was coming down with the stomach bug Derek brought home with him this morning. So far I think I have escaped that. I think I was just a tad overheated walking through Walmart wearing my North Face jacket. After yoga, I felt fine.

I came home and ate a Lean Cuisine frozen dinner, since Randy is out & said he is not hungry, Rachel is dining out with a friend and Derek...well, his appetite is not so good today. I found an unopened bottle of Smoky Mountain Winery Mountain White in the garage refrigerator so I decided to pop the cork. I do not drink wine often but occasionally I'll have a glass - hopefully, it will keep away the stomach bug. (I do not have scientific evidence of this but will consider I Timothy 5:23.) One glass is enough now. With all the other medication I take, I am afraid to drink more than that.

Back in the days when I worked at Skyline, I had a newly-diagnosed diabetic patient who sang, "But you can't drink wine, when you've got diabetes" to the tune of some song...I guess it was the one in today's title ("Joy to the World" by Three Dog Night). I've known a lot of diabetics who imbibed occasionally (and in some cases, frequently). Is an occasional drink going to make things worse? It depends on who you ask. I found a rather interesting blog on the subject: Wine Whines, from WineEducation.com. Steve Reiss, PhD is the author of the blog and website, but he doesn't update it often. Still, it is very informative and I recommend it.

That's all for today...till next time, treasure your health, because it is indeed a gift!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas is a time to say, I love you.

Unfortunately, Christmas worked havoc on my eating habits today. I woke up with a headache, from either my caffeine addiction or my sinuses, and probably intensified by my CPAP machine's need of a new filter. I managed to swig down some coffee and a glass of tea, both sweetened with Splenda. My neuropathy has been well-controlled today. I think it was the medicine I took for my headache!

Well, Santa has just entered the kitchen so I'd better get offline now. Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

my newest blog!

today i am starting a new adventure in blogging, the treasure your health blog. my last post on my personal blog, cheatham county rock stars wife, let me say here, posting from the cell is an issue because i have very limited punctuation, but my last post on the personal blog was about my health and spiritual conditions. so i am blogging about health. this is my welcome message. i look forward to sharing what i know and what i am learning about my own health as well as yours.